Make Your Dream Come True With Us.


Make Your Dream Come True With Us.

Welcome to the family of SAPLING. We greet you from the inner core of our heart. We are here to make sure that your child, our student gets as they deserves according to their ability and make them capable to undertake the vast system of learning by following Semester System (London Montessori System). We prepare our students to seat for Admission Test in different school.

Our students are already in .....
( Kolkata Schools like D.P.S., Sri Sikshyatan, M.B.Birla, Asssembly of God Church, Weld & Gould Smith, Calcutta Hare ).
( Howrah School like D.B.L., St. Agnes Convent, M.C.K.V., Agrasain Balika Siksha Sadan, Sunrise (eng-med) School, St. Hellens, St. Aloysious, Ratnakar, Shree Jain Vidyalay ).

          We take individual care.
          Our Teachers are good and caring.
          We organize competition like Fancy Dress, Rhymes, Colouring, Drawing,
          Intra School as well as Inter School too.
          Yearly Function is held, participation of all the children is compulsury.
          We do trained them accordingly.
          We were appriciated for 1st Inter Howrah Montessori Meet (2007).
          Dance, Songs & Recitation classes are taken.
          A.C. activity class. Generator facility is available here.
          Books & Toys library, Cars, Slides, Ball Pool, Jumping Arena,
          Educational Games, Audio & Video, Bowling, Basket Ball etc.
          Special attendance are available for younger onces and during tiffin
          hours.Parents counsiling is done between 12 to 12-30p.m. if require.
          Class Hours :  8-30a.m. to 11-15 and  9-30a.m. to 12-15p.m. for Play Group & Play House.
                                 8-30a.m. to 11-15 and  9-30a.m. to 12-30p.m. for Nursery.
                                 9-30a.m. to 12-45p.m. for K.G. & Class-I, II, III.
           Children will not be allowed to leave School in between until a writen application is submitted. Absenties will not be entertained with class work, class test or exam taken. Escort person should always carry ID card.
           Admission is open for Nursery, K.G., I, II, III. Form should be filled in and submitted before 30th June to school office.
           For admission to Play House the child should be approx 2yrs. 3months old. Play House will have three admission i,e. April, June and November.
           For admission to Play Group the child should be approx 1yr. 8months old. This will be complete play time class, slowly and gradually they will be introduced to the world of learning, by the help of Audio Visual System. Play Group will have admission through out the year.
          Bag, Books and Ex-books will be distributed from school by payment.
          Stationery like pencil, eraser, colour will be provided from school ( free ).
          During vacation office will remain open between 10a.m. to 5p.m.

Uniform Nursery Onwards

Yellow shirt with monograme in pocket, green tie, white socks, black shoes, pleated green check skirt for girls and green check half pant for boys. P.T. uniform yellow and green T-shirt, white half pant for boys & girls.
No particular uniform for Play Group and Play House. One green apron is must for all. Children will be in colour dress. They have to carry an extra set of dress, tiffin, water bottle and napkin.

Fees structure of Morning School (Session 2016 - 2017)