Make Your Dream Come True With Us.


Make Your Dream Come True With Us.


A Thanking Note from

Founder and Co-Founder Desk

Dear Parents & Students,
    By the grace of almighty and your best wishes, this year Sapling Academic Centre has completed its 15th year. In this auspicious moment we take the pleasure to greet our students and parents.We are highly obliged of their warm co-operation throughout our journey which made it smooth and happy.
    It was 1998, 15th of June, we have started Sapling in a very small room at 5/1, Ramlal Mukherjee Lane. We are thankful to our beloved cutting teacher Smt. Minati Das who continued six month with single student  Sarmistha Basak  with patience. Then very slowly and steadily student started pouring in.
Ms. Meera Tamang our painting and embroidery teacher and Mrs.Suhrita Ghosh(Rana) our dance teacher joined us by the end of that year. By then the small room increased to area of 1200 sq. ft.
Our first Summer Camp in 1999 was of great success which was followed by a list of competitions (which we still continue during the month of December or January), Drawing was one of them. We then invited renowned artist Sri Tarun Chakraborty as judge, he was flattered to see our arrangement and enthusiasm, he immidiately joined us as the head of  Drawing and Craft department.

In the same year 2000 along with Ms.Soma Banerjee, Ms.Chandra Mishra,Ms.Rinki Mali and yogatherapist Sri Kamal Dutta , we started our  Montessori School . It proved to be a very successful venture. By now many of our student has secured admission to reputed school in Kolkata & Howrah. On the same year we had our first annual function, the anchore of the show i,e. Mr.Satish Shaw later became a part of us. Sapling students have staged many dramas and skits in his direction successfully. We staged our annual show at Sarat Sadan (Hall-2) till 2004, after that by the grace of God, due to increasing number of our students and so their parents we had to shift the programme at our terrace but on 2010 we again shifted it at Sarat Sadan, this time (Hall-1). Our gala show is  witnessed by around eight hundred guardian and performed by one hudred sixty  and more students and helped by 17 teachers.
In the year 2007 we arranged  the 1st Inter Howrah Montessori School Meet. The schools around  us were invited, a healthy competition among the students of all the schools was encouraged, seminar was held among the head of the schools. A seed of healthy bonding of togetherness was  shown under one roof by all the schools.
We are also organising exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) for our students every year since 2006.
    We want our student to develop in all aspect. We are proud of them. We wish them success throughout their life.
Ms.Santona & Mr.Subir Das